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3 in 1 Charger for iPhone Apple Watch & Airpods

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  • 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station Wireless Charging Dock is specially designed for charging your AppIe Watch, AirPods, and iPhone in one place. Thanks to its unique magnetic contacts, the wireless charging stand and dock can be combined to charge multiple devices with just one cable, or they can be detached for separate use. No cable enwinds, better lifestyle enjoys
  • Safe Charging & Night Stand Mode USB-C charging ports and provided USB-C cable. Features Qi wireless technology. Using an advanced chipset, double coil design greatly increases the charging speed. exclusive atb technology and intelligent chip provide temperature control, over-charge, and over-voltage protection, it can prevent over-charging damage of equipment battery. You and your iPhone are fully protected. Charging your devices overnight on a nightstand without problem
  • Case-Friendly & Sleep-friendly The Qi Wireless charger stand can identify your phone sensitivity and support phone case within 5mm(0.2 inches), no need to remove the slim case from your phone. tips: remove the magnetic or metal attachments from your phone/phone case; remove the incompatible protective case from the watch charging case. the subtle indicator shows your charging status and won't interfere with your sleep
  • AirPods
  • Apple Watch
  • iPhone