Wireless External Sounder - Limelock

Outdoor Siren Blue

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Outdoor siren plus charger for an internal battery.Well-designed compact shape outdoor siren/strobe.The Bella designated for outdoor or indoor applications
The electronic board is covered by heavy-duty Polycarbonate housing
Outdoor Siren Bella_I generates a loud alarm sound. Supplied with Orange color strobe cover
The blue color strobe light is optional. Contains integrated foam resistant grid
Bella 2L siren complies with most European and UL standards. Compatible to all of 12V alarm control panels.Outdoor Siren 24V model is optional
With dual activated tamper switch.Tamper detects cover opening, removing from wall and other sabotage

Main Features
Outdoor Siren & Strobe enclosed in heavy duty plastic housing
Concealed wires terminal
Internal durable heavy-duty Polycarbonate housing for electronic section
Dual Tamper protection
Integrated LEDs strobe light
Easy and fast installation