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Wireless Key Fob for Alarm System

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  • The alarm system consists of several products that are all wirelessly connected to a central unit called the Hub.

    On our direct ordering page, you can see all products in a clear overview, and you can easily choose which products in which quantities you want to order. With the push of a button you can then place everything in your shopping basket.

    But first, we will tell you what you can choose and what you minimally need.

    It starts with the basics, the system’s central unit, the Hub. There are 2 types of the Hub, the Hub Low, and the Hub Medium. The difference is in the number of products you can connect to and the support of 3G/4G networks from the SIM card. The Hub Low supports among others 64 wireless detectors, and can also link many other products such as remote controls and sirens. The Hub Medium supports 96 wireless detectors and can pair a total of 210 products.

    You will understand that with these numbers, the Hub Low is already more than sufficient for most people.

    The wireless range in the open field is 2,000 meters, and the detectors and all other devices are linked wirelessly by means of a QR code in the app. If the range of the Hub and the detector is insufficient, it can be extended with a wireless repeater. Even multiple repeaters can be linked to secure even the largest homes, but certainly also factories.